In my spare time I like to go hiking, to cook vegetarian food and painting. I like working in Alcatraz because I have a lot of free time in the evening and the hostel atmosphere is very friendly.

On my perfect day in Berlin I would go out on my bike to explore the city, to a lake or an outdoor festival in the summer.


Vor drei Jahren bin ich mehr oder weniger zufällig nach Berlin gezogen. Ich kam gerade von einer langen Reise und ich fand, dass sich Berlin gut eignet um sich wieder mit dem Sesshaft sein anzufreunden. Hier kann man jeden Tag auf Reisen gehen wenn man will. So viele Leute mit verschiedenen Lebensentwürfen, Kulturen und Ideen auf einem Haufen! Ich liebe es, hier für wenig Geld so lecker essen gehen zu können. Außerdem ist Berlin soooooo grün, voller Seen und für eine so große Stadt sieht man richtig viel Himmel zwischen den Häusern.

Im Alcatraz zu arbeiten macht mir Spaß, weil ich ständig auf neue Leute treffe die aus allen möglichen Ländern kommen und Berlin für sich entdecken. Durch sie komme ich auch wieder auf neue Ideen, was ich hier noch alles machen will.


Before coming to Berlin, I spent most of my life in the Netherlands (not to be confused with Holland!) where I learned a thing or two about culture, design and teaching. Ever since, I was constantly on the move and can share a good deal of backpacking experiences myself (though not for the faint-hearted).

 For the past two years, Berlin has become home as the one place that has it all, in the perfect job to combine all of my various interests: I get to meet all kinds of people, and knowing my city fairly well, I can send them to their very own places of interest based on their own back-stories. This keeps encouraging me to explore Berlin to the core, discovering ruins of a turbulent past as well as new venues for concerts, exhibitions or a good read. Especially with its multitude of small, independent cinemas, this beautiful city has lured me in, only topped by its overwhelming greenness!

My tip: allow yourself to get lost, explore the city beyond its tourist boundaries and discover your own Berlin! To begin with, how about a tour through all the fantastic parks that make it one of the greenest capitals in the world!? Starting close by the hostel in “Mauerpark” for a late morning coffee (although it's best to visit it on a Sunday for the gigantic flea market), go to “Volkspark Friedrichshain” for lunch or ice cream, visit “East Side Gallery” for the first beer by the waterfront, continue via “Görlitzer Park” to “Urbanhafen” for more beer and a relaxed early evening atmosphere. A couple of stations away you will find beautiful new “Gleisdreieck Park”, ideal for skating, biking or table tennis. From there it’s easy to get to “Tiergarten” for a picnic (you can get take-way from “Potsdamer Platz”). Spend sundown at “Spreebogen” (opposite the main train station) , or take the U8 line to “Humboldthain Park” and see the setting sun from top of an authentic WWII flak tower. Never forget your beer (yes, drinking on the street is perfectly legal)!


My name is Christina and my major in university is Chinese studys. I love to travel and can´t wait to see the whole world.I´ll never ever get bored of awesome metal music and books. I work here at Alcatraz Hostel because I love to travel and Berlin.

So to welcome people from all over the world is a matter close to my heart!

My Mantra is: The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.

So , let´s read a whole book together!

My perfect day in Berlin is realy simple. You don´t need to contrive a plan, just let the city happen to you and try to get a part of it! That´s the perfect day! I love to spend my time with my favourite book outside and wait for the sun to go down sitting on the  Teufelsberg. Don´t miss the perfect nights with deep electro wibes!:)  


Hey there! I am David and I have the pleasure to call Berlin my home for about 4 years now.  What I love about the city, appart of the great nightlife and hippness, is the crazy amount of creativity which you can find almost on every corner. So for a perfect day I would take a bike and just go whereever it takes me. Of course with included stops for delicious food and beer. :)

Working in a hostel for me is all about getting in touch with people from all over the world and catching a bit of this travel-vibe they`re bringing with them. It keeps reminding me that the earth is such a beautiful and vast place with soooooooo many places to visit and is motivating me to go explore as much as I can. 


I’ve always felt a little misplaced growing up in a small town in Germany. My whole family was Hungarian and except for my mom and me , everyone was still in Hungary.  It took me a while to learn that the reason I felt so misplaced - even though I’ve lived in Germany all my life – was the fact, that I was raised differently from the others around me. When I was old enough to get away, I went away. I lived as an exchange student for a year in Arizona, a country with people that seemed easy to adjust to, but at the same time I missed the diversity of Europe. When coming back home again, people around me matured, got also around and became open minded to other cultures.  Still, when finishing school, I went to Vienna, Austria for my studies. That again was quite difficult to adjust to at first. People seemed reserved. But as soon as I did, it became home four. Now I am in Berlin and feel the greatest. Berlin has no culture. There is nothing absolute in this city. Everyone finds their place here. Basically: There is not much having to adjust to. My base.

Having lived with so many different mentalities, I never feel well being surrounded by just one. It is like working out different personalities within you. In a homogenous culture you can just show one side of you and have to shut down the others. Every culture, every language triggers a different part of you.  Here, I have friends from all over the world and am most me.

That’s also the reason why I work in this hostel. Having to do with different people from all over the world, I feel balanced. It is also a great new input, different from my audio visual studies and therefore a good source of inspiration for projects! ;). So watch out….maybe one day I’ll portray you. ^^

Most memorable hostel experience: A guest meeting his son for the first time again after 14 years . We baked pizza together. 


Hey Everybody!
My name is Felix, I’m 21 years old and originally from a city called Stralsund. After travelling Asia for a longer time, I’ll be studying psychology in Berlin.
Due to my studies, I rarely find the time to travel for a longer period of time at the moment. Anyway, working at Alcatraz keeps me in touch with travellers from all over the world and gives me the opportunity to exchange stories with a nice bunch of different people and mentalities.
And why did I choose Berlin? This question is easily answered: I couldn’t find any other German city; which was more fun than Berlin to me.
Either having a BBQ in a park, enjoy the brilliant Open Airs or taking a swim in a lake and relax in the sun, it just doesn’t get boring here.
And in case it gets colder you can dance all night long in the best clubs the world has seen, or choose out of a huge variety of bars and cafes to have a few pints. 


I discovered Berlin quite late for me, as I was already 20 years old, when I first came here. After one or two visits I quickly realized that I needed to live here as quickly as possible. But I managed to finally move here not until 2001. Now, I live in Berlin for almost 15 years and have never regretted it. It is hard to imagine what could come once my time in Berlin ends. Here in Berlin you just have everything you could possibly need. Of course, there is the urbanity of the metropolis, but still nowhere you will sense the almost painful feeling of being crushed by the concrete of the large towns.

Of course:  they do exist, the 8-lane roads, past the Victory Column, for example, or from the City-West in the direction of Spandau close to the Olympic Stadium. Where Berlin is the very cosmopolitan city. But it is not them, the typical Berlin streets, that transport this special feeling you can only feel here.

These streets are to be found rather in Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain. The old-fashioned buildings, where the families live, with playgrounds and small parks, ice cream shops and small greengrocers, the weekly markets and street cafes, small galleries and second-hand shops. Everywhere and at every other street corner. Berlin is green. One can breathe and live here. That's what I like about Berlin, this blended mixture of cosmopolitan city and urban quality of life, this is what Berlin is all about and what makes the city so kind to me.


Hi, my name is Juliette and I am 24 years old. I am in Berlin for 4 years now. Raised in a small village with cows and next to a palace, in which the artist George Baselitz used to live, I experienced a lot of freedom and loads of french/german cultural influence around myself. Later in my life, the world fascinated my so much that I decided to travel around the world for almost 4 years time, where I enjoyed meeting people. After my return, my friends and my chosen way of life somehow brought me to Berlin, where I live now. I have worked in a lot of different places since to finance myself and to fulfill my never-ending curiosity. Momentarily I study for a degree in Philosophy and Media-Science at Humboldt-University Berlin and, working here at Alcatraz Hostel Berlin, I enjoy the different perspective of being on the other side of the hostel-counter. Welcome at our Hostel!


Hallo, ich heiße Tania. Ich komme aus der Ukraine und studiere in Berlin "Erneuerbare Energien". Um mein Studium und mein Leben in Deutschland zu finanzieren, muss ich arbeiten. Alcatraz hat mir damit  geholfen. Ich arbeite hier sehr gern und kann selbst meine Arbeitsstunden  wählen. Alle Mitarbeiter sind hier Freunde, da wir uns im Alcatraz frei, gemütlich und flexible fühlen. Die Arbeit im Alcatraz macht uns einfach viel Spass.   Obwohl ich in Berlin nicht so lange lebe, kann ich sagen, dass Berlin ist wunderschöne Stadt. Man kann hier eine Aktivität für jeden Geschmack finden. Berlin ist besonderes schön im Sommer, weil er sieht wie großer Park aus. Jeder, der besucht Berlin, vergisst diese super  Stadt nie.)

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