Berlin is in the air....

While walking through Berlin, it is almost impossible to miss the ever-present declarations of love to our capital. They’re sprayed onto walls, graved into lampposts, burnt into benches, cut into trees, and even pasted on traffic the lights. But what exactly makes Berlin such a popular city?

Berlin - East Side Gallery by hans-jürgen2013 under creative commons license 2.0 (

What is it that captivates us all? People, culture, language, Döner? Sure, but there is more than that. Some say it’s the sense of freedom and individuality. Above all, Berlin is a feeling! And to better illustrate this feeling, let us take a look at a perfect day in Berlin.

It all starts with one very important accessory: A Bike…

…and, of course a delicious breakfast, or even better: BRUNCH. In most quarters in Berlin, you just walk around the corner and find one of these individual, small coffee places which invite you to blow off your plans and just spend your whole day there. One very good place to do so is the Wohnzimmer in Prenzlauer Berg. After a couple of cups of coffee and an organic cheese platter, it’s time to get on your bike. Just follow the Danziger Straße.

The first stop is the weekly market at Maybachufer in Neukölln! The Oberbaumbrücke is right on our way…what a spectacular view! Great street art along with fantastic vibes! Upon arriving at the almost 2km long market at the beautiful Maybachufer, visitors are greeted by a wide variety of Turkish and other specialities. Don’t hesitate to try some of them!

Next destination: The C/O Berlin! Following the cycle path along the Landwehr Canel you get right over there within 30 minutes. Throughout the whole year the unique location hosts exhibitions of outstanding photographers: Peter Lindbergh, Sibylle Bergemann and Ron Galella, to name only a few. Due to the proximity to the famous Ku’damm, you can also head for some shopping afterwards. Don’t miss Berlin’s flagship shopping mall: the KaDeWe.

It should be dinner time by now. Let’s move on to our next stop: The Joseph-Roth-Diele near Potsdamer Platz. Along the way you can enjoy a great ride! Awaiting you just beyond Potsdamer Platz are some of Berlin’s most popular attractions: the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten. Once you’ve arrived at the Joseph-Roth-Diele you will find a cozy and authentic little restaurant! Their menu is small but the dishes are very tasty and well worth the money.

To pass the night away in true Berlin style, you should get some beers, climb up the top of the Victoria Park in Kreuzberg and…

…well, you will see!

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