Airport Tempelhof

This is Berlins favourite place to hang out and enjoy the sun! This might also be the case because with 385 ha its the biggest open plain space there is in all the city. The first planes started and landed on the field already in 1909!

Flughafen Tempelhof by Christian Kahle ( Es wurden keine Änderungen vorgenommen.

The former airport building was built in 1941 by the Nazis and is still, with its 307.000 m² of surface space, one of the biggest buildings worldwide. The airport really gained popularity after the second world war, when it was used as the main landing strip of the Berlin airlift to keep the struggling western part of the city alive.

Today Berliners use it as a place to relax, fly kites, having barbecues or simply to get away from the city for a little while. You can also visit the old airport building, take a tour or just get an overview over the whole area from the observation deck. Our tip is to rent a bike and drive over the runway; it is huge fun because sometimes you think you`ll get blown away as the runway is dircted towards the usual wind direction. Also you should stay for sunset (or sunrise!! :) ), it is just stunning!

How to get there: Take the S42 from Schönhauser Allee until Wedding and then the U6 (Alt-Mariendorf) until Tempelhof. From there, the main entrance is just a few walking minutes away.
Of course: Entry is for freeeeeee! :)

Check out their website for all sorts of information about the “Feld” (Name amongst Berliners):

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